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Digital Innovation Factory at Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2023

AI has the potential to accelerate the digital transition in organizations and provide them with opportunities to become more sustainable in their activity. During the Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2023 at Altice Arena, promoted by Gesi, we hosted a very special edition of our Digital Innovation Factory program.

Over two incredible days, the “AI for Sustainability” Hackathon challenged teams from diverse organizations, from energy, to insurance and PostOffice organizations to a Municipality, to brainstorm on AI powered solutions that could make a positive impact both on the SDGs.

During the evaluation phase, the teams assessed each idea, considering factors such as solving real-world problems, promoting ESG impact, and the relevance to their organization’s needs. The outcome was the selection of one of their ideas to transform into a business case, with the support of Unipartner’s team, which they then presented to the rest of the participating teams.

We want to thank CTT, REN, Tranquilidade/Generalli and Câmara de Cascais for joining us for this special session and demonstrating such enthusiasm and commitment in this journey to sustainability and innovation!


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