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Integrated Management Systems Policy

Version 2.0, 2022-09-08

Definition and Framework

Unipartner's Integrated Management Systems Policy

At Unipartner, our Integrated Management Systems Policy sums up the essential elements of our commitment to excellence, quality and security in our processes, operations and IT services management. This policy applies to all activity developed by Unipartner and is aligned with our strategy to deliver services that are compliant with our customers’ requirements and that have quality and are resilient, ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability, with the objective of complying with the expectations of the interested parties.


Quality and security are crucial to the success of IT service delivery and management and are essential parts of Unipartner’s Business Principles, expressed on the commitment of providing the best services and solutions, respecting quality, information security and IT services management best practices, and by being an active actor in our sector and market about these topics. Our principles are based on the commitment of continuous improvement with our customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders.As a player in the consultancy and digital transformation areas, Unipartner has, not only the responsibility, but also the necessary awareness about information security and IT service management challenges, both, in the approach taken in providing services and in our internal practices and processes. These principles guide our actions to provide services that ensure quality, information security and customer’s, legal and contractual requirements, to achieve our ambition to be recognized and trusted to offer services that enhance our clients’ performance with innovative solutions, but with safe solutions as well:

  • Implementing security information practices in our internal processes, as the “need to know principle”, accesses segregation, information classification and regulations to deal with;

  • Deliver solutions, applications and services respecting the principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability;

  • Implement the controls from the Annex A from ISO 27001:2013;

  • Comply with the Service Level Agreements of our services and contracts;

  • Provide the necessary resources to deliver the Service Plan, with quality and complying with customer needs and business expectations;

  • Encouraging a quality and security mindset with the objective of developing and providing services compliant with our customers’ requirements;

  • Continuously challenging our team to improve the processes and services provided to guarantee customer satisfaction;

  • Risk-based thinking considered from the beginning and throughout the system, thereby providing preventive action to planning, operation, analysis and evaluation activities;

  • Encouraging participation and promotion of quality, security and IT service management responsibilities among all employees and third parties through standards, education, training and effective communication;

  • Complying with applicable laws, regulations and information security standards, as well as internal and customer’s requirements;

  • Continuously focusing on improving the Integrated Management Systems to maintain or increase performance levels, to react and adapt to changes in internal and external contexts and to create new opportunities;

  • Relationship management with relevant parties in order to achieve sustained success;

  • The Integrated Management Systems is one more resource serving and acting to achieve business and company strategy objectives. The management systems objectives are therefore aligned with the company strategy and are composed to all the company objectives: from the most strategics to the most operational.


This Policy is communicated to all Unipartner employees and the public.

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