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"Smart and Secure Cities" panel at Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2024

Cities are leveraging digitalization to enhance the efficiency of infrastructures and the effectiveness of services such as health care, transportation and utilities. But as we embrace digital transformation, we’re met with both unprecedented opportunities and new risks that should be taken into consideration. ✍🏼

On the first day of the Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2024, Fernando Reino da Costa, Unipartner’s President and CEO took part in the discussion panel “Smart and Secure Cities”, a session that highlighted the delicate balance between harnessing the power of technologies and safeguarding against cybersecurity threats and privacy concerns.

💡Some of the key takeaways from the session include:

➡️ Policymakers, urban planners and key stakeholders play a vital role in crafting paths for sustainable designs, operation and governance of Smart Cities;

➡️ The importance of integrated infrastructures, interoperability between them, and robust data management;

➡️ There is a need for innovative solutions for managing digital vulnerabilities and ensuring effective data governance, as well as change management;

➡️ Organizations should be committed to building resilient, efficient, and secure digital ecosystems for cities;

Smart Cities are characterized by their connectivity, strong data analytics which allow data-driven decisions, sustainable methodologies, efficient and optimized use of resources, and transparent governance to address citizens’ needs. To achieve it, digital technology is fundamental to their development and functioning as it enables the efficient management of resources, improves the delivery of public services, and enhances the overall quality of life. By leveraging disruptive technologies such as the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities can become more sustainable, resilient, and responsive to what their citizens expect from them. 🤝

Stay tuned for more insights from Unipartner at Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2024! 🔗


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