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"Are CEOs doing enough to drive Corporate Sustainability?" at Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2024

As corporations are being held accountable for their role in climate change and social disparities, the role of CEOs in promoting corporate sustainability is pivotal, as their vision and leadership influence a company’s strategic direction and commitment to sustainable practices. By taking into account environmental, social and governance considerations in the core business strategy, CEOs can foster innovation and long-term value creation through sustainable and eco-friendly methodologies. 🌿


Fernando Reino da Costa, President and CEO at Unipartner, participated in the session “Are CEOs Doing Enough to Drive Corporate Sustainability?” curated by the Financial Times in collaboration with GeSI, shedding light on the innovative ways digital technologies are being leveraged to meet and even exceed sustainability goals. The transformative power of Generative AI and other digital tools are not just supporting, but accelerating corporate commitments to both environmental responsibility and social equity.


💡Key highlights from the panel include:


➡️ CEOs should set a clear vision for sustainability, aligned with the organization’s core values and long-term objectives;

➡️ CEOs who lead by example, foster a corporate culture that values and prioritizes sustainability,

➡️ Allocating resources (financial investments, human resources and technological innovation) towards sustainable development can minimize the organization’s environmental impact and promote more responsible actions;

➡️ Transparent reporting on sustainability performance, ensuring the organization’s progress is measured, tracked and communicated, provides credible and comparable data on sustainability reports;


As we continue to navigate digital transformation, CEOs who prioritize sustainability can inspire their employees and stakeholders to create a sense of purpose and engagement, driving continuous improvement and resilience towards a better future for generations to come! 🚀



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