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Unipartner Strategic Partners

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Unipartner is a key enterprise Microsoft Partner with a strong and unique alignment, a wide certified expert base and a recognized experience in managing large and complex projects.

Unipartner has 5 Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations as result of its commitment and constant investment in its consulting team:

  • Infrastructure

  • Data & AI

  • Digital & App Innovation

  • Security

  • Modern Work



Unisys is a global information technology company

That specializes in providing industry-focused solutions integrated with leading-edge security to clients in the government, financial services and commercial markets. Unisys offerings include security solutions, advanced data analytics, cloud and infrastructure services, application services and application and server software.

Unipartner is Unisys Service Partner that ensure the continuity of projects and business relationships for a wide number of former clients and engagements in Portugal. 

Solutions and Technology Partners


Orbus Software is a software vendor that provides a business and IT transformation tool called iServer. iServer is a tool used by Enterprise Architects to help plan and manage their business & IT transformation, using familiar Microsoft technologies.  


It supports the ongoing convergence of IT domains for a holistic approach to business transformation, joining practices with integrated standards that lead to a successful change.  


Powell 365 is a ready-made digital workplace of Powell Software, that changes user experience and improves team communication, collaboration and business efficiency. It offers cloud, on-premises and hybrid solutions so companies can take advantage of their existing resources as well as of Microsoft digital platforms.


Powell 365 provides multi-device tailored templates, continuously up to date with Office 365 and in 60+ languages.


The digital finance industry aims to provide virtual customer service and perform digital banking operations. Veripark is a Gold Microsoft Partner, and multi-channel global provider of services that include CRM, online banking and lending solutions for financial institutions. 


They have a Unified Front End that comprises all banking operations into one application and links the back-end to the user AI driven interface, using the power of Azure machine learning.


OutSystems is a low-code platform that offers agile business solutions to a range of industries, from insurance to governments and more. It comprises services such as app deployment, back-end development within cloud services and even UX design through pre-built and personalized open-source connectors that operate on any device. 


OutSystems treats data according to organizations´ workflow and business roadmap and performs automated actions across all applications.


Combining innovative award winning Ideation, Process & PPM modules, edison365 turns your good ideas into great business solutions. Drive crowdsource ideas on your Organization, build Business Cases for their rapid justification and create and manage projects to ensure their rapid and well governed delivery.


The edison365 suite is built on Microsoft Office 365 to deliver the freedom to crowdsource ideas from employees, and the method to implement them.


Empowers people through learning management in the Modern Digital Workplace.

Unipartner with LMS365 platform improves employees’ knowledge making the learning process more efficient for them and improving company’s results. The solution eliminates complexity by providing a complete learning platform that integrates seamlessly into your well-known Office 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams platform.


LMS365 is highly customizable, easier to use, and faster to deploy. To accommodate the needs of the learner in the Modern Digital Workplace your learning environment is easily accessed from any device with the intuitive LMS365 app – learn whenever, wherever.


Unipartner is Services Partner of Adobe, focusing on the Marketing Cloud suite to deliver cross-channel digital experiences for B2C and B2B use cases.


As Adobe is also a Microsoft Partner, and by leveraging both technologies and Cloud solutions, Unipartner helps our customers envision and design fully integrated customer experiences, enabling personalization and driving optimization of the business outcomes.


Fabasoft is one of the leading software product companies in Europe for the digital control of documents as well as electronic document, process and records management. Numerous well-known private enterprises and public-sector organizations have trusted in the quality and experience of Fabasoft for three decades.

Unipartner team has more than 15 years of experience delivering consulting and integration services with Fabasoft solutions, by implementing document and process management and information management solutions for the Public Sector and Private Companies.

Nintex is the world leader in Workflow and Content Automation (WCA).

Unipartner with Nintex, empower organizations to quickly and easily automate their Business Processes, seamlessly integrating their enterprise activities with O365, SharePoint a multitude of cloud services and line of business applications. This partnership, allied with our BPM expertise and our specialization in Microsoft technologies, makes Unipartner your provider of choice for composite application development and business process automation under the context of Microsoft ecosystems.

Nintex is the recognized global leader in WCA, with its unmatched breadth of capability and platform support delivered by unique architectural capabilities, Nintex empowers the line of business and IT departments to quickly automate hundreds of manual processes to progress on the journey to digital transformation.

Sitecore is the global leader in Customer Experience Management

Unipartner with Sitecore deliver highly relevant content and personalized digital experiences that delight audiences, increase loyalty and drive revenue.


Personalization and targeting are key concepts to the Sitecore platform. The platform collects experience data and connects it to every individual customer. It helps you control customer knowledge to deliver the most relevant, real-time customer experiences and satisfaction.

The Email Archive Migration Experts.

TransVault has led the market with its highly specialized archive migration solutions for the enterprise, that helps organizations to protect the viability and integrity of your information archives as you move between different platforms and technologies namely to Microsoft Cloud Azure and O365.

Salesforce - Logo (no background).png

Salesforce is a leading Customer Relationship Management integrated platform. It provides businesses with a single, shared view of customers, whilst offering powerful, connected products for improving organizations’ marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, and more.

This secure and scalable solution, is easy to customize and upgrade, giving businesses the power to sell, to service and to market, with pre-integrated apps, delivering exceptional experiences to customers.

Unipartner’s Salesforce expertise, delivers customer-centric solutions, helping clients unlock the powerful value of the Salesforce platform, making their businesses smarter.

Institutional Partners

IAMCP is the world's largest community of Microsoft Partners. 

IAMCP mission is to maximize the business potential of our members by peer-to-peer networking, member advocacy, community outreach, growth and education.

The IAMCP helps Microsoft Channel Partners, Business Solutions Partners and Registered Partners grow their businesses. IAMCP provides Microsoft Partners a voice in Microsoft programs, as well as it is a vehicle to facilitate business development among partners.

With this presence in the board of IAMCP, Unipartner reinforces its position as one of the largest and best partners of Microsoft.

ANETIE represents more than a hundred leading companies in the  Information Communications Technology and Electronics, ICTE sector.

Its mission is to defend the interests of Information Communications Technology and Electronics business sector and to promote its sustained growth.

To pursuit its social object, the specific goals of ANETIE are the following:

  • Collaborate in the definition of national policies for the sector and sub-sectors;

  • Promote the cooperation between technology base companies;

  • Mobilize supports for the internationalization of the Portuguese offer in the TIE;

  • Support actions that promote the formation of companies in this sector and reinforce national competency.

  • Encourage the emergence of capital funds in Portugal in this sector;

  • Promote actions in the field of business training, always regarding the sectors’ specificity

Strategic Council for the Digital Economy

Unipartner takes part of the Strategic Council for the Digital Economy having its CEO Fernando Reino da Costa as a member.

The Council is part of CIP (a major business Confederation in Portugal) and brings together the main representatives of the national economy with the goal to design the strategic thinking of the digital economy in Portugal, making use of its knowledge and broad expertise.

The IT Service Management Forum

The itSMF is the only truly independent and internationally recognized forum for IT Service Management professionals worldwide.

Since 1991 this non-profit organization has been a prominent player in the ongoing development and promotion of IT Service Management 'best practice' standards and qualifications.

This corporate partnership with itSMF Portugal, allows Unipartner to reinforce the company strategy alignment trough the implementation of the best practices of IT Service management, in an era of digital transformation in which the implementation and adaptation of IT governance models are fundamental for our customers and to the newest market’s requirements.


APDC - Association for the Development of Communications


This recognized Association assumes itself as a platform for debate and reflection of key themes of ICT and Media. Since 1984, develops its activity around a consistent set of initiatives involving all stakeholders in the main issues that dominate the agenda of an increasingly critical and horizontal industry. Considering the sector an inductor of economic modernity, competitiveness and an example of innovation, the Association is enabling the creation of initiatives that promote and enhance the ecosystem.

APDSI – Association for the Promotion and Development of the Information Society

Its mission is to be a forum for discussion on the Information Society, and influence the public authorities, institutions and private sector in order to maximize its benefits. It aims to promote awareness, qualification and stimulate the adequacy of the market agents to the development needs of the Information and Knowledge Society.

Since 2014 Unipartner is part for the Information and Document Management working group, and it coordinates, since 2017, the Document Dematerialization working group.

APOGEP –Association for Project Management

APOGEP is a non-profit association created to promote and give credibility to project management and to support professional activity in this area, considering the growing need of the global market for an institution that supports the acquisition of new skills of modern management and that offers IPMA certification in project management.

APOGEP organizes the Project Management Week, seminars and conferences, connecting the new and old generations of project managers to the trends of the profession. Through its work, this association has been attracting professionals to the Project Management area, promoting and disseminating the Best Practices within the academic and corporate areas.


Nova SBE & Fundação Alfredo de Sousa

Unipartner, a corporate partner of Nova SBE, created the uconnect program with Nova Tech Club, as an opportunity for University students to start their careers in the consulting and information technology area alongside in-house mentors.

Unipartner sees education as an essential driver of digital innovation.

As part of the University investment, Unipartner also supports Nova SBE’s Fellowship for Excellence program, Nova IMS and Faculdade de Ciência e Tecnologia’s Advanced and Executive Training, where the company supports Bachelor’s degrees and Master thesis.


Universidade da Madeira

Unipartner and Universidade da Madeira (UMa) are joined on a protocol for cooperation with the purpose of empowering the relationship between Universities and enterprises, using this synergy to leverage investigation, development and training in the IT domain.

This important investment allows Unipartner to strengthen its Microsoft Competencies Centre and bring to Madeira Microsoft innovation and a new pool of opportunities for highly qualified people.

AMCHAM – American Trade Chamber

Established in 1951, the American Trade Chamber is an independent non-profit business association whose main mission is to enhance and facilitate the economic and trade relations between the United States and Portugal.

The Chamber provides its members ongoing opportunities to network with individuals also engaged in US-Portugal affairs as well as numerous channels by which they can obtain essential bilateral support and information.

ISCTE Advanced and Executive Education Faculty


Unipartner represents Unisys’ as founding partner of INDEG-ISCTE, one of the 100 Best executive management schools in the world according to Financial Times.

By its natural proximity to the corporate world, INDEG-ISCTE contributes greatly to the intake of the company’s real perspective to the academic world. And its programs, like the Executive-MBA, benefit from the high academic and research standards developed by the Faculty. This results in a unique balance between theory and practice of great strategic value to organizations.

FAE Forum de Administradores e Gestores de Empresas

Unipartner takes part of the Forum for Company Director’s having its CEO Fernando Reino da Costa as a member.

The FAE is a non-profit association which aims at the development, training and improving of the company’s management and at the scientific and technical capacity building of its members, through studies, projects and experience sharing at both levels, nationally and with similar associations of other countries.

FAE exists for 32 years and is the only national association representing company directors.


The GeSI (Global enabling Sustainability Initiative) is a worldwide organization and a leading source of impartial information, resources and best practices for achieving integrated social and environmental sustainability through digital technologies.


Unipartner is a member of GeSI and has proudly joined their Digital with Purpose Movement! We believe Digital is key to creating solid plans that will help make the world a more sustainable place. Our active participation in the movement aims to bring change and transformation, by not only making the difference through our purpose-driven work in digital innovation, but also by expecting and supporting our clients in getting there.

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