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Create a learning culture in your organization


Improve the way your teams learn, following trends such as microlearning and storytelling. Both e-learning concepts allow for a continuous learning experience and create engagement with teams. 

Unipartner helps your organization create a learning culture, allowing your teams to access training content from their desktops, create their own evolution paths and incorporate them in their day-to-day routines.

Together with ElearningForce, Unipartner provides the only e-learning platform integrated in the Modern Digital Workplace with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Office365, accessible from any device. 


Learn whenever and wherever you wish. 



What we provide

Each feature is designed to make you and your learners’ lives much easier. The platform includes rich content management features, allowing users to create courses and manage content that leverages the Microsoft 365 platform. The features also include tracking & reporting, training plans and more.

Learn in the flow of work

Easy access to learning

LMS365 is optimized to fit right into the daily workflow of your organization. Provide a flexible learning environment accessible from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and all mobile devices. Type in your usual password and the platform already knows your profile, job and training needs.

Start training today!

Fast implementation

As everything runs in the Microsoft Cloud, LMS365 delivers fast and simple deployment, letting organizations get up and running within hours. LMS365 plugs right into your existing Microsoft 365 platform, providing a learning platform that is already fully integrated with most of your IT landscape.

Built for your preferred software


Microsoft Teams

Your new home for learning.

Microsoft Teams is one of the most utilized collaboration platforms and allows you to seamlessly integrate your most valuable tools. LMS365 enables learners to find, take and keep track of their training directly inside the platform.

Bring workforces together with an integrated hub for collaborative learning that keeps employees engaged, connected and empowered.

LMS365 built for Microsoft Teams
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“LMS365 in Microsoft Teams has proven to be an intuitive and useful add-in for the platform. Now, we can collocate learning courses and training plans we have authored alongside the conversation and file collaboration experience already native within Teams".

Alex Cross, Knowledge Manager, RealFoundations

Build a culture of continuous learning in your organization, improving the way your teams learn daily. Fill in the form to be contacted by Unipartner with more information about this topic.

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