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"Compliance in the Digital Era" at Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2024

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stands as a pillar of privacy and compliance, directly supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by fortifying data privacy rights and fostering transparent, compliant, and secured organizations. 🔒


At Digital with Purpose Global Summit, Paulo Cancela, Unipartner's Digital Enterprise Management Services Leader, presented the session “Compliance in the Digital Era” highlighting the importance of Digital Compliance in today’s increasingly digital and regulated business landscape. With the growing complexity of the digital environment, regulatory scrutiny has increased as well as the focus on data privacy and security. Organizations must be aware of legislations affecting them and be prepared to respond and adapt, in order to stay compliant and not in risk. 


💡Essential takeaways from Paulo’s keynote:


➡️ Governments have been acting more on data privacy laws, with regulations imposing strict requirements on how organizations collect, store and process data;

➡️ As cyber threats become more sophisticated, cybersecurity measures are becoming heavily emphasized, with organizations required to adopt robust security frameworks;

➡️ Organizations non-compliant with regulations can be affected by significant penalties, risky reputational exposure and their growth impacted negatively;

➡️ Unipartner’s framework and holistic approach integrated with existing ecosystems and legal compliance, supports and empowers organizations on their digital journey, ensuring security, resilience and compliance, strengthening their reputation, promoting global human rights and driving their growth;


As digital landscapes continue to transform, Digital Compliance is evolving to address the challenges posed by new technologies, increasing cyber threats, and the complex regulatory environment. Unipartner is committed to supporting its clients in adopting more sophisticated tools and strategies to ensure they remain compliant, protect their data, and build trust as we grow and innovate together. 🚀



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