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Day 1 of our Hackathon "AI for Sustainability" at Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2024

What a great start to our exclusive two-day hackathon “AI for Sustainability” at Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2024! ✨

Nuno Ricardo, Digital Lab Leader at Unipartner, kicked off the Hackathon with an overview of how Artificial Intelligence can be a game-changer in tackling environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices across various industries. Nuno shared invaluable insights on how organizations can leverage AI-powered solutions to make a positive impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, considering factors such as solving real-world problems, promoting ESG impact, and the relevance to their organization’s needs. 🌿

We were honored to have Kevin Thompson, Chief Operating Officer at Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), joining us and delivering a keynote to the participating teams. It was a powerful reminder of the role digital technology plays in achieving global sustainability goals and how each of us can contribute to this mission.

The teams from ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações and Câmara Municipal de Cascais then dived into an ideation brainstorming session. Our Digital Lab team had a great time witnessing the creativity and enthusiasm of the participants as they explored and discussed potential projects they can develop at their organizations with a positive impact on sustainability! 🚀

🔗 Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this exciting journey of innovation and collaboration on day two of our Hackathon!


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