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Insurtech Conference 2020 - PSO

PSO presented the hybrid event “Insurtech Conference – Digital Transformation in Portuguese Insurance”. Two segments of the session were introduced and moderated by Paulo Garcia, Unipartner´s Financial Services Managing Partner.

The “Insurtech Conference” counted with diverse speakers from the sector and start-up leaders in debates that focused on insights and future trends in the sector of Insurance, with the contributes of AI and Internet of Things technology.

You can access the live content on-demand here (in Portuguese).

The first Paper Discussion focused on Sérgio Rebelo, Professor at Kellogg School of Management, and Paulo Garcia´s discussion about the impact of Covid-19 on the Insurance sector. The focus was on the advantages of technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, that have significantly contributed to improving customer service during this time.

In the second Paper Discussion, Paulo Garcia shared his view on the current economic environment and the routes Insurance companies must take to face the challenges of the “new normal”.

“A winner model of insurance must be a combination of traditional companies and insurtechs”. Incumbents provide insurtechs with guidance and massive data, whilst receiving technological knowledge, crucial in the digital economy. Technology plays a decisive role in such data intensive industry, through collaboration platforms, automation and AI solutions that allow for personalized and tailored approaches.

In the final panel, “The future of financial industry in the new banking and insurance ecosystem”, Paulo Garcia (moderator) was joined by 3 speakers from relevant players in the Portuguese Insurance. They brought light to their own digital transformation paths and revealed what must be done for the brightest future of Insurance.

Unipartner invites you to read the interview Paulo Garcia gave to EcoSeguro about the pandemic´s emerging challenges to the Insurance sector and the growing cooperation between traditional Insurers and Insurtechs.

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