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Tiago Noronha at JORTEC - "Improving Productivity with Bots"

The world has reached the age where organizations dream of automating tasks and improving workers’ productivity by helping them focus on truly important assignments.

Tiago Noronha, Consultant at Unipartner, delivered the online workshop “Improving Productivity with Bots”, on February 24th, at Faculdade de Ciência e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova’s Jornadas da Tecnologia, to demonstrate how Microsoft Bot Framework helps accelerate businesses and turn the old and dull into innovative and automated.

Tiago explored all kinds of Microsoft Azure components and how they can be leveraged to speed up development, deployment and monitoring processes.

In the session, he also presented the next big IT trends and the advantages of bots for organizations and created and trained a chatbot to exemplify how to integrate it with existing technologies in a simplified way.


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