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Pedro Silva - "Enhancing Customer Engagement with Data Intelligence" at #BTF21

Organizations face growing challenges concerning client relationships. Clients reveal increasingly higher expectations and demand relevant, personalized and value experiences.

The context of the pandemic reinforced the weight of digital relationships at the same time as touchpoints multiplied and data volumes grew exponentially, unleashing critical context information for decision-making.

Pedro Silva, Manager and Solutions Area Leader at Unipartner’s Building the Code session “Enhancing Customer Engagement with Data Intelligence” was on-demand on the first two days of #BTF21, 26th and 27th of January.

In this session, Pedro demonstrated the importance of client understanding in concrete business scenarios, and how it can support the creation of successful connected journeys.

A reference data-driven architecture was also presented in order to demonstrate the crucial role of a CDP (Customer Data Platform) solution, like Microsoft Customer Insights, in handling massive volumes of data, creating enriched client profiles and enabling organizations to take actions in real time.

Access the full agenda and get tickets here.


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