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Find out the key takeaways from this workshop!

The Azure Immersion: Infrastructure Migration workshop delivered by the Unipartner Modern Datacenter Transformation team was a full hands-on experience.

Jeferson Marques, Consultant, guided the session where participants explored Landing Zones and the Azure Migrate tool to find out how their organizations can make the transition to the cloud securely.

Migrating to the Cloud brings businesses several benefits besides helping them become more agile. It can also increase their resilience to cyberthreats and reduce their CO2 emissions in 59 million tons.

Once organizations are ready to migrate, Microsoft’s Azure tools can help them assess technical feasibility for migration, prepare their workloads and migrate them quickly and securely. Azure Migrate is Microsoft’s most comprehensive first party migration service. It provides a hub of tools to discover, assess and migrate on-premises applications, infrastructure, and data. It acts as an intelligent hub by providing recommendations and insights to move businesses along their migration journey based their projects ands and datacenter environments.

Landing Zones are the starting point from which organizations can quickly launch and deploy workloads and applications with confidence. In the workshop, attendees understood how they help organizations set up their Azure environment for scale, security, governance, networking and identity.

We thank all the participants that joined us for this workshop! By the end, one lucky participant took home a Unipartner prize from the draw that was on since the beginning of the session!

Our team can help you participate in a hands-on experience like this and support your organization’s migration or journey on the cloud.

Take a look at our e-book to find out how your organization can optimize its use of the Cloud and become more agile whilst creating impact on sustainability.


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