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Fernando Reino da Costa joins EDP and Vieira de Almeida for GeSI flagship event!

GeSI held a flagship event hosted by Morais Leitão in Lisbon, that brought together members and partners of the Digital with Purpose movement to share their own experiences.

Fernando Reino da Costa, Unipartner’s President and CEO, was one of the leaders to join the conversation with a focus on how Digital has become a crucial element to build a more sustainable and responsible future.

Alongside EDP and Vieira d’ Almeida, Fernando explored the concept of “responsible businesses” by sharing some of Unipartner’s best practices as a founding member of the Digital with Purpose movement, like our initiatives towards reducing our ecological footprint and the work we do to support the local communities.

Besides creating a major impact on organizations that invest in digital solutions, Digital opens several opportunities for us and society, in general, to work together to achieve the United Nations‘ 17 SDGs.


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