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The workshop delivered by Unipartner’s Customer Experience Management team explored the impact of Microsoft Dynamics on helping organizations automate processes to provide a better response to customers in a hybrid sales environment.

The digital shifting and the rising of new lifestyles impact the ways in which customers interact with organizations. There are real challenges that many businesses face when planning how to create superior customer relationships, such as data fragmentation, insight democratization and real-time actionability. Which can actually be aggravated by trends, like, increasing concerns for data privacy and digital ethics, new channels and contextual data, investments in centralizing and accessing data, as well as AI/ML governance.

A great path organizations can take to succeed is to unify their customers data in order to obtain a holistic vision of each customer, which they can achieve with the help of Dynamics 365, an intelligent, ready-to-use system that monitors data, identifies triggers and helps create highly-efficient customer experiences.

In the workshop, the team explored all the features of Dynamics 365’ components - Marketing, Sales, and Customer insights, and brought participants into a hands-on demo based on 2 use cases. The use cases showed how Dynamics helps teams better analyze and interpret the business’ performance, as well as to create predictive models and establish objectives that will align with current trends.

By delivering personalized marketing campaigns, you can reach and target your customers’ needs with higher precision. Additionally, by allowing Dynamics to be integrated with your brand’s social media, you can keep up with trends in real-time and adapt your message to your customers’ favorite channels.

Your organization can accelerate its sales cycle and achieve more efficient and integrated customer journeys that will help you grow your business. And our team can help you get there!

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