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Digital Innovation Factory: Scheduling Apps

The first session of the Digital Innovation Factory happened on July 12th, and it was a huge success!

Digital Innovation Factory is an initiative organized by Unipartner and Microsoft, that aims to accelerate enterprise innovation and agility. Here, participants realize the potential of the Power Platform by exploring a concrete use case and adapting it to the needs of their organization. The case chosen, "Scheduling" or "Making a reservation", is universal and supports multiple scenarios such as reserving tables, meeting rooms, parking spaces, canteen meals, occupational medicine appointments, etc.

This session happened at the Microsoft's Portugal office, in Lisbon. The day started with an introduction to all attendees in order to get them up-to-speed with Power Platform features and capabilities. After that, each group worked on their use case until lunchtime. After lunch, each group continued working on their use case until their apps were finished.

At the end of the session, we counted with a speech by the President & CEO of Unipartner Fernando Reino da Costa and Andres Ortolá, Microsoft's General Manager.


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