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Building an Enterprise Workplace Hub with Microsoft Teams

During the pandemic many were the challenges posed to organizations in this “new normal”. The future of teams´ collaboration and communication must be based on a flexible, mobile and always interconnected working scheme.

For this reason, Unipartner held a live event, “Building an Enterprise Workplace Hub with Microsoft Teams”, to help your organization be at its best even during uncertain times.

The online event was hosted by Unipartner´s specialists, Pedro Araújo, Modern Workplace & Security Leader, and Inês Oliveira, Solutions Manager. They shared how companies can elevate collaboration and productivity by taking the most advantage of Microsoft Teams´ integration of application and digital processes.

The session explored the potential of Microsoft Teams as the Enterprise Workplace Hub of your organization by transitioning corporate resources onto the platform. And you can leverage those business processes by complementing them with productivity and Business Intelligence applications at the distance of a click.

Modern Workplace – Then and Now

In April 2020, the remote workforce grew to nearly half of all workers.

Teams as a Hub for Applications

Apps for productivity – ready use or customized.

Manage business processes with Teams

  • Build a modern and collaborative Learning Culture with Microsoft Teams and LMS365;

  • Create your own Internal Communication app;

  • Create your own Company Knowledge Centre and facilitate onboarding processes.

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