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Unipartner at Nova SBE Career Fair

We had an amazing time at the Nova SBE Career Fair, showcasing Unipartner's culture, expertise, and job opportunities. It was an honor to connect with the leaders and innovators of tomorrow and engage with a diverse group of students and professionals.

During the fair, our consultants Samuel Branco and Ricardo Morganho gave a talk focused on Unipartner's services and solutions related to the trending topic of artificial intelligence. Our consultants used ChatGPT to capture and interact with the students, where they also discussed the latest technology trends from McKinsey, which includes Applied AI, Cloud Computing, Trust Architecture and Digital Identity. To finish their presentation, they showed how these trends are connected to what Unipartner offers and ask the students to send their curriculums.

If you want to learn more about our job opportunities and join our team of talented professionals, visit our careers page here:

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our stand!


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