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Unipartner at Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2023

Digital innovation is key to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Find out how your organization can implement initiatives that contribute to this objective from our sessions at the Digital with Purpose Global.

  • Sept 28th 11:20am, join us at the Innovation Stage for the session “Accelerating Sustainability with the Cloud” by Guilherme Porto

  • Sept. 28th 5pm, Fernando Reino da Costa will be on the panel “The Governance Challenge: Managing the (Digital) Transition”, alongside Jean Barroca, Leader of Global Public Sector Digital Modernization at Deloitte

  • Sept. 29th 10am, we’ll be back to the Innovation Stage for the session “Driving a Corporate Sustainability Culture” by Nuno Ricardo

  • A 2-day hackathon - “AI for Sustainability” for a set of organizations to find creative solutions to make processes and operations more sustainable

Find out more and register for the event here:


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