The impact of Innovation Labs on Health - Kwintes

The idea of having robots on the frontline of healthcare seems out of a science fiction movie, however, it is already happening at Kwintes. Kwintes is a Dutch organization that provides psychiatric care to more than 8000 patients with the help of their own Innovation Labs.

Unipartner lets you in on how Kwintes involves their teams in the generation of innovation ideas that significantly impact the health services they provide on a daily basis.

Watch the online conversation between Sonja, Program Manager I&A/ICT da Kwintes and Ivan Lloyd, CEO at edison365, a Unipartner partner that offers a platform that supports the implementation of innovation processes. Here you can get to know Tinybot Tessa, a key element in giving structure to patients’ daily routines.

Kwintes’ experience with innovation during the Covid-19 pandemic and the teams’ insights gathered by their Idea Management platform allowed the organization to identify initiatives that would have a great impact in the services provided throughout.

Why are Kwintes innovating? Employee reaction to innovation What impact is innovation having at Kwintes Employee led innovation Ideation vs. Project Implementation

Get to know Kwintes here.

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