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Opening Ceremony of UPSkill! Apply for the program!

Our team is engaged in making Portugal more competitive, by investing in people and programs that promote Digital alongside social responsibility. As members of UPSkill, a Portuguese program created by APDC, IEFP and CCISP, and sponsored by the Portuguese Government, Unipartner is committed to supporting the reskilling of professionals and creating new career opportunities in the ICT industry.

Last October 19th, took place the Opening Ceremony of UPSkill. Fernando Reino da Costa and Francisco Gomes joined the event, alongside leaders such as André de Aragão Azevedo, State Secretary for Digital Transition in Portugal, Hernâni Dias, President of Câmara Municipal de Bragança, as well as João Sobrinho Teixeira, State Secretary for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Isabel Ferreira, State Secretary for the Inland and Miguel Cabrita, Adjunct State Secretary for Work and Professional Training.

Fernando was invited to a roundtable where he shared the Unipartner vision and commitment to the UPSkill Program. “This is a key opportunity to support Unipartner’s growth. We are committed to 68 applicants, who will have the chance to join an amazing team that uses digital innovation to make the difference”, Unipartner’s CEO stated.

UPSkill is now open to receive new candidates. Apply here:


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