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Leading Digital with Purpose Together - Unipartner's Company Meeting 2021

Unipartner held its 2021 company event last Friday, as a celebration of our people, their amazing performances and achievements in 2020, with inspiring guest speakers.

We were honored to have directly from Chicago, David Schonthal, Director at IDEO, with an incredible take on Friction Theory and Innovation; in our office, Paula Panarra, General Manager at Microsoft and Luís Neves, CEO at GeSI enlightened our focus for the future as partners, in technology and sustainability; and Rui Silva, Founder of Altamentis brought to the session his encouraging Everest climb story.

It was also time to award the best individual performances of the year, to hear the Teams and New Hires’ highlights of the year and what it means to become a part of the family.

Congratulations to all the best individual performances and thank you everyone for being part of our session and for making Unipartner an amazing team!


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