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Join the Azure Immersion Workshop: Analytics with Pedro Assis! May 3rd 2021

You can drive deep insights from all your data with the help of fully managed, integrated and secure Cloud technologies.

On Monday, May 3rd at 10 am, Pedro Assis, Consultant at Unipartner, will be hosting the online Hands-On Lab “Azure Immersion Workshop: Analytics” where you will learn how to bring the limitless scale, powerful insights, unified experience, and cost-efficiency of Azure Synapse Analytics to your organization.

In the workshop, Unipartner will provide you with a practical example where you will find out how you can build an end-to-end analytics pipeline in the cloud, and how to model and present your insights with Power BI.

Sign up to participate, learn and, who knows, win our Prize Draw that will be launched during the workshop!

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