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Get all the insights from our Discover: Teams as a Platform workshop!

The workshop delivered by Unipartner’s Collaboration & Productivity team explored the impact of Microsoft Teams on driving efficiency in organizations.

The Discover: Teams as a Platform session demonstrated how professionals can take advantage of Teams to communicate, collaborate and even optimize their work experience with the help of its integrations with several business tools and processes.

Leveraging Teams integration with different tools and business processes is an important step to maximize its own value within the organization. It helps optimize workflows, improve productivity, collaboration and communication, whether your professionals are working in the office or remotely.

Get the key takeaways from this workshop:

  • Organizations that invest in platforms like Microsoft Teams perform five times better.

  • New tools integrated with Teams, like Viva Amplify, will be released this year.

  • Viva Insights give business leaders the opportunity to face complex challenges and improve their teams work experiences.

  • Viva Pulse, also coming in 2023, will allow managers to provide regular and confidential feedback to their teams in order to make sure they are heard.

  • Organizations can achieve goals with more clarity with the help of Viva Goals, which also provides updated on KPIs that are core.

We thank all the 32 participants, from organizations like Altice, Banco de Portugal, Câmara Municipal de Cascais, Galp, Novobanco and more, that joined us to find out how they can use Teams to achieve more.


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