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Find out the 5 key takeaways for FSI from Paulo Garcia and Clara Raposo at BTF23!

Our keynote session by Clara Raposo at #BTF23 was followed by an insightful conversation with Paulo Garcia our Managing Partner for FSI.

They revealed 5 key takeaways for banks to consider when planning their next moves:

1. Organizations that invest in tech as a differentiation factor will be the ones leading the sector.

2. Cybersecurity is going to be at the forefront of financial services’ concerns.

3. Banks must reinforce compliance, risk evaluation and prediction in order to strengthen customer trust.

4. The difficult role of the regulator in managing an economic and financial system that is becoming more and more democratized.

5. Banks are not just banks anymore, they’re also technology services providers.

Watch it on-demand on the Building the Future platform!


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