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Fernando Reino da Costa - "Social Sustainability side by side with Organizations' Growth" at BTF21

The cultural change that has been happening in the past recent years has inspired us to take action and become more socially sustainable.

Several concerns that were brought to us in 2020 had already been accentuated by the Millennial generation in the recent years, however, only now did they receive maximum attention by individuals and organizations.

Fernando Reino da Costa, President and CEO of Unipartner, delivered the talk “Social Sustainability side by side with Organizations’ Growth” for Building the Future 2021’s session theme “Transforming Indulgence into Sustainability”, on Jan 26th.

Fernando shared the importance of the requalification of people and the initiatives we, as a society, must take to support today´s workforce in a world where tasks are becoming increasingly automated. Additionally, what we must do to adopt a socially and environmentally responsible culture at both individual and corporate levels in order to achieve a better and greener future.

Access the full agenda of Building the Future 2021 here.


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