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Digital Innovation Challenge - a Unipartner & Microsoft Hackathon

As the world evolves, numerous studies reveal 50% of labor activities can be automated. Thus, to drive a sustainable transformation, organizations must bring all crucial business teams into the process of creating digital innovation.

Inspired by the desire that we all have to travel, Unipartner and Microsoft created the Digital Innovation Challenge, a two-week 100% digital Hackathon that joins teams from different industries on a journey to their next enterprise innovation destination.

The entire structure of this Hackathon will resemble planning a group trip. Teams will work together to identify internal processes that need improvement, just like they would pick a destination, and idealize the best and fastest way to fix them whilst gathering insights on the way, as they would to create a travel plan for the chosen place.

Yesterday marked the start to this incredible opportunity where Unipartner helps participants develop their skills through Microsoft Power Platform workshops and the application of knowledge acquired from real life use cases.

Stay tuned to find out the winning team!


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