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Digital Employee Experience

Unipartner and Microsoft met with a set HR Directors, Internal Communication Directors and Digital Transformation leaders to share ideas and concepts about the challenges of creating a Digital Culture into different sectors of the Portuguese market.

Regardless the sector concerned, "every business will somehow be technological, not because everyone will develop technology or IP and software, but because certainly everyone will differentiate themselves by the way they incorporated these new technologies," said Paula Panarra, GM of Microsoft.

Most organizations now reach 5 generations of employees, and this is the case that having a systematic approach to change management is decisive for the success of any initiative.

Take the opportunity to get to know the Quick-Step Guide of the Unipartner methodology for Change Management.

Fernando Reino da Costa, Unipartner’ CEO, stressed that the change depends on leaders and when we ask ourselves about the importance of the digital experience in the workplace, we find the answer in the 71% of employees who want the company they work to offer the same technology level they have in their personal lives*, and based on the war for talent the “Employee is the new customer”. That is why the role of leaders also involves providing this experience and "showing workers how they can take advantage of workplace transformation" and changing the culture.

"Do not look at a digital journey of the collaborator if they do not present the vectors of culture that are relevant to you.", he says.

The main points for building a culture prepared for the constant change of the digital world:

- Promote continuous learning;

- Empower collaboration between teams;

- Create a strong internal communication strategy;

- Adopt agile methodologies and design thinking;

- Create recururing digital innovation initiatives – Digital Lab ;

- Create recurring digital innovation initiatives – Digital Lab ;

These are the base elements of a Digital and innovative culture.

You can find the above-mentioned points in more detail, in the study prepared by Microsoft in partnership with London Business School and KRC Research, with the purpose of addressing this era of rapid change.


*State of the connected customer report

Source: Eco Pessoas


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