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Celebrating the Magic of Childhood at Unipartner

Children's Day reminds us to cherish their unique perspectives, nurture their creativity, and advocate for their right to a safe and happy world. ✨


To celebrate this day, Unipartner teamed up with Casa das Cores, a Lisbon-based temporary shelter that provides a haven for children in danger. Together, we hosted a special afternoon filled with games, face painting, and unleashing their inner heroes!


But the fun didn't stop there! Unipartner launched the “World of Imagination: Children's Day Drawing Challenge’’ for collaborators’ children and we were amazed by the amazing and unique perspectives of all kids who explored the wonders of Earth and beyond. Congratulations to all the kids who participated! Each artwork truly embodied the true spirit of imagination.


At Unipartner, we believe in nurturing children's well-being and helping them discover their inner strength! By fostering a safe and supportive environment, we want to help children thrive with imagination, explore their potential, and take on the world with resilience and courage.



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