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Our CEO featured on Exame Magazine

Fernando Reino da Costa, President and CEO at Unipartner

The July edition of the Exame magazine, featured Unipartner´s CEO and President, Fernando Reino da Costa´s article that focused on the current opportunity of redefining how organizations work.

The Covid-19 pandemic had a massive impact on the way we work. The daily routine of going to the office changed with quarantine rules imposing a remote work approach, with virtual conversations and meetings clashing with personal affairs.

“We have been encountered with the opportunity to practice an integrated approach that can effectively change the way we work in a world that will forever be different. We must accelerate the economy that will only become increasingly digital”, Fernando indicated.

Fernando elaborated on the levels of maturity of different organizations when responding to such challenges. “Jerónimo Martins was at an advanced stage of adoption and cultural transformation of their teams, with change management initiatives right before Covid hit.”

However, not all were found in the same path. Many others had to speed up or even start the implementation of secure communication and collaboration platforms following their own business routes. That is where Unipartner contributed, with of the projects being the Regional Government of Madeira´s Teams Adoption and Change Management.

You can read Fernando Reino da Costa´s article here (page 8 of PDF) to learn how your organization can become more productive, taking the most advantage of technological solutions.

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