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Building the Future 2020

3 inspiring days! Building the Future and Build Brighter Futures was the ramp up to start the year engaging with customers and prospects, partners and new talent! A full pack of inspiring sessions and knowledge sharing that empowers every business that nowadays is a tech business. This year our main topics were: Sustainability – “Making the difference” is the commitment written down in Unipartner glass bottles that we gave to our customers who visited our booth; Transforming citizen service - together with Sofia Carvalho, Ana Pereira and Nelson Fradique we shared the story of IReNe, the intelligent agent of Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado; Securing the future - Pedro Araujo and João Pedro Almeida session showed the steps and the importance to address Information Protection at an enterprise level; The Power of Data&AI - André Santos’s presented our view on artificial intelligence and the power of business intelligence to school directors. Thank you to our customers. It was great to talk with new talent thrilled to know more about our Academies! Thank you to the entire Microsoft and iMatch - Creative Collaboration team! #unipartner #leadingtogether #securingthefuture #informationprotection #IRN #BTF2020 #BBF2020 #newtalent

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