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uconnect is an innovative student program to connect you with the real working life experience during your graduation. It offers a wide range of valuable work experiences and the boost of a Unipartner Mentor. This Mentor will guide and coach you along this journey.

#uconnect is for those who want more!

If you are passionate about consulting and technology, this is the best way to spend your spare time.


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Autumn uconnect Academy

October 2019 - December 2019


Winter uconnect Academy

January 2019 -  March 2019




Find the option that best suits you


Participate on a project delivering specific tasks while understanding the complexity of a complete project.


Participate in the research of the latest IT trends. Find what could be the next solution offer of Unipartner and be part of the change.


Be challenged by Unipartner to solve a real case scenario;

You will have to think outside the box and bring your knowledge into the real world.


Once a project is finished, there is still a lot of work to do. Use this chance to understand the change management process. Discover the client´s adoption rate and how we can improve it.


Instead of a challenge, this initiative puts you up against a concrete situation in a client or project. You will propose new ideas for helping the team to work out their problem.



Is there any subject that you would like to work on? Or a class project that you need to develop on a real organization? Present your suggestion.


If you have doubts about which option to choose please select "Let's discuss it" on the form and we will clarify your questions and help you choose the right option.

We have lots of new exciting projects waiting for you!
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