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Unipartner's Data & AI Leader at Azure OpenAI Summit Madeira

As a member of the IAMCP Portugal, Unipartner participated in “Azure OpenAI Summit Madeira”, an event by Microsoft and IAMCP with interactive sessions, use cases demonstrations, and discussions about the latest developments in Generative Artificial Intelligence and how it can be integrated with other Azure platform tools to create end-to-end solutions.

The event gathered together speakers from various Microsoft partners, as well as the President of the Madeira Regional Government Miguel Albuquerque.

In representation of Unipartner, Senior Service Area Leader for Data & AI, Rui Miguel addressed the strategic use of data analytics with Artificial Intelligence, which allows organizations to innovate, improve their performance, and become more competitive. Rui presented some success cases in data analytics and artificial intelligence, talked about the potential of innovation in Madeira, and reflected on a future vision for progress in the region.

The implementation of Generative Artificial Intelligence allows organizations to generate content quickly and effectively, automate and enhance numerous processes, and manage large amounts of information. As a result, it enables them to increase productivity, innovation, and efficiency in order to meet the increasingly demanding needs of the market. Our Design Thinking workshops were created to assist organizations through use cases and identifying the best opportunities for each industry.

If you would like to pursue an innovation path, contact us to schedule an Envisioning Workshop with your team!


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