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Unipartner recognized as the Sustainability Partner of the Year by Microsoft!

Unipartner is extremely proud to have been recognized by Microsoft as the Sustainability Partner of the Year, the outcome of our strong commitment to sustainability! 🏆


As we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to integrating sustainable practices into our core operations and services. Our participation in key sustainability events, such as COP28 and the Digital with Purpose Global Summit, highlights our leadership and active engagement in global sustainability discussions. 🌿


By embracing digital transformation with a purpose, we are enabling organizations to meet and even exceed the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, by leveraging technology to drive efficient, agile, scalable and eco-friendly solutions for our clients with a particular focus on Cloud and Artificial Intelligence technologies. This award highlights our commitment to innovation, excellence, and delivering exceptional solutions to our clients.


Thank you to Microsoft.

Together we will continue to build a brighter future for everyone by accelerating innovation! 🚀



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