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Unipartner at Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2021! Register for our sessions

Imagine living in a Smart city, where Mobility, Digital and Sustainability converge to provide citizens with a higher quality of life, create business opportunities and contribute to a greener future.

Portugal Smart Cities 2021, a Fundação AIP initiative, is happening November 16th-18th at FIL on a hybrid format. The event approaches challenges, trends and solutions of a Smart ecosystem to debate the future of cities and those who live in it.

Unipartner will be at SmartCities 2021 with 4 sessions that you will be able to watch in-person or online:

  • Fernando Reino da Costa on the “Digital Economy – Digital Nomads” panel on Nov 16th at 12:15pm

  • Nuno Alves with “Digital Interaction with the Citizen” on Nov 16th at 3:30pm

  • Nuno Alves with “eGovernment maturity to support transformation” on Nov 17th at 12pm

  • Pedro Araújo with “Road to a successful cybersecurity strategy” on Nov 17 at 12pm

  • Tiago Noronha and Alexandre Antunes with “Cloud for a more digital and sustainable organization” on Nov 18th at 4pm

Register and find out more about Portugal Smart Cities here:


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