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Leveraging AI for a Proactive Cybersecurity Strategy: Insights from Pedro Araújo

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a key player in today's digital landscape. It helps businesses do things faster and better, but it also opens the door to more cybercrime. Pedro Araujo, Modern Workplace and Security Services Leader at Unipartner, shared his view on “How can companies use AI to step up their cybersecurity and react faster to threats?” in the Special Report from Jornal Económico.

AI tools are really powerful. They can quickly look at patterns from past attacks and use smart algorithms to spot possible new threats that we don’t know much about yet. This helps security teams be one step ahead. Also, a type of AI called Large Language Models makes it easier for analysts to do their job by cutting down the time it takes to look into things.

You can check out the full Special Report here:


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