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Join us on "Innovation in Public Service" on Oct 14th at 10am!

The pandemic brought challenges that demanded new approaches to the way Public Sector institutions, namely in the healthcare sector, interact with citizens digitally. Yet, it also opened opportunities for improvement when serving them.

On October 14th at 10am, the “Innovation in Public Service” live event counts with a discussion panel with special guests, such as Ilda Pires, Director of the Department of Relationship with the Citizen and Participation at Câmara de Lisboa, Berta Rodrigues, Hospital Administrator – Director of Patient Management Services at Centro Hospitalar Tondela-Viseu, and Dr. Miguel Azevedo, President of Clinical and Health Council at ACES Porto Oriental and Family Doctor at USF Arca d`Água.

They will be joined by the Unipartner specialists Nuno Alves, Public Sector SSE, and Miguel Madeira, Customer Experience Management Services Area Leader, to explore the challenges, trends and future opportunities for citizen service after the pandemic.

You can register for the live event here:


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