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Insightful Sessions by Fernando Maia and Pedro Assis!

Fernando Maia and Pedro Assis recently hosted two sessions in which they not only showcased our team's expertise but also provided valuable insights about data and analytics.

Fernando Maia's Seminar at IPS

Fernando Maia hosted a seminar at IPS on the "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow of Data in Organizations." The event, part of the Master's in Data Science for Businesses program, aimed to equip professionals with skills crucial for decision-making in diverse business domains. Fernando's insights explored the evolving data landscape, leading to engaging discussions during the Q&A session.


Pedro Assis's Workshop at ISCTE

In the meantime, Pedro Assis conducted a workshop at ISCTE titled "A Consultant's Perspective on Data Projects." This insightful session, integrated into the Master’s in Business Analytics program, sought to empower professionals with the skills to take on business management issues. Pedro shared valuable perspectives and practical strategies, aligned with the program's focus on analytics and management.


Check out the photos below to catch a glimpse of these insightful sessions.


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