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Gestão de Projeto Hoje 2020 - APOGEP

Managing teams with different projects when your organization is undergoing a digital transformation is a challenging mission.

Project Management (PM) is an extremely valuable asset to help you in this journey and to achieve change with distinction, allowing your organization to become more competitive.

Unipartner sees PM as a key driver to accomplish objectives with excellence, therefore it sponsors APOGEP (Portuguese Association of Project Managers)’s event Gestão de Projeto Hoje 2020, a national reference for PM.

Gestão de Projeto Hoje 2020 is a partnership with IPMA Young Crew Portugal with the objective of promoting learning, enhancing competencies and opening up a Networking space for the Portuguese Project Management community.

On Nov 21st, Fernando Reino da Costa, CEO and President at Unipartner, and other leaders shared all the insights about PM in the panel “Digital Transformation & Technology”.


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