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Fernando Reino da Costa & Massamba Thioye interviewed by Exame Informática during Building the Future 24

In an interview during Building the Future with Exame Informática, Fernando Reino da Costa, President and CEO at Unipartner, and Massamba Thioye, head of the Global Innovation Hub at United Nations, explored the vital role of digitalization in global sustainability. From the impact of digital technologies on education and healthcare to the unique challenges faced by the Global South, the interview dives into the connection between technology and environmental goals.


Without the integration of digital technologies, developing essential infrastructures like schools and hospitals in the Global South will be challenging, hindering its progress toward sustainability goals. The need for a technological leap through digital transformation to address fundamental human needs, while preserving the planet, is becoming increasingly important when bridging the gap between the North and South. Technologies like e-learning and e-medicine, facilitated by 5G connectivity, can be a substitute for physical infrastructures, representing a significant step in bridging the developmental difference between the Global North and South without compromising climate objectives.


By seamlessly integrating digital advancements into the structures of societies, we can reimagine education, healthcare, mobility, and service access, ensuring that no region of the world is left out of the benefits of technological growth while still meeting people's demands. The key takeaway is clear: collaboration is essential, specifically the need for nations and organizations to work together, leveraging technology for positive change. Digital technologies are the basis upon which we can build a future that not only satisfies each person's basic needs but also renews and cares for our planet in the constant pursuit of a sustainable world.



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