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Fernando Reino da Costa interviewed by Jornal Económico focusing on Unipartner becoming a member of the EGDC

Fernando Reino da Costa, president and CEO of Unipartner, spoke with Jornal Económico in an interview focused on Unipartner becoming a member of the EGDC (European Green Digital Coalition), the transitional potential of digital technologies for greener initiatives, and the latest sustainable actions of Unipartner. 

Sustainability is one of Unipartner’s main focuses and joining the EGDC, the Pioneering level achieved this year in GeSI’s Digital with Purpose framework, and the objectives set with SBTi reinforce our commitment to promoting a transition to more environmentally friendly behaviors.

Between achieving our goals of reducing the ecological footprint and improving our internal management system of sustainability indicators, Fernando also highlights Unipartner’s commitment to "support the organizations with whom it collaborates in their own sustainability goals and commitments, through concrete solutions that produce quantifiable impact in the collection and structuring of indicators of reporting and evolution". 


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