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Fernando Maia at Microsoft’s “Intelligent Document Process Automation”

We took part in Microsoft’s “Intelligent Document Process Automation”, an event that brought together market experts to reflect on the advances of Artificial Intelligence in document processing and the benefits it brings with its implementation. This event was a unique opportunity to get an overview of the technological advances of AI and discover how new solutions can help save time and resources, reduce human errors, and increase companies’ competitiveness.

Unipartner was represented by our Senior Consultant Fernando Maia, who addressed how the development of AI-based solutions enables the automation of information management making documentation processing more efficient, and our Portfolio Sales Executive Inês Oliveira, who presented our services and what we have to offer in this area, with a special focus on our program Digital Innovation Factory.

However, this is only one of the possible applications of Artificial Intelligence today. There are many scenarios where we can use Artificial Intelligence in organizations, making their processes more efficient, increasing their employees’ productivity, and allowing Leaders to make more informed decisions based on data. To assist in these matters, we developed a workshop based on Design Thinking, where we go through various use cases and identify concrete implementation opportunities for the needs of each organization.

If you want to take this step with us, contact us to schedule an Envisioning AI workshop with your team!


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