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Dr. Miguel de Albuquerque joined Fernando Reino da Costa to celebrate Requalificar +DIGITAL!

Requalificar +DIGITAL is a game changer opportunity to join the fast-growing ICT industry with numerous career possibilities. Unipartner joins the program to provide applicants from all backgrounds with internship opportunities.

Yesterday, Dr. Miguel de Albuquerque, President of Governo Regional da Madeira, joined Fernando Reino da Costa, President of Unipartner, at Unipartner Madeira to meet the key team that will be leveraging digital competencies in the region.

Thank you to Startup Madeira’s President, Dr. Carlos Soares Lopes, for participating in the visit. Requalificar +DIGITAL is na initiative of Startup Madeira, IEM - Instituto de Emprego da Madeira, Universidade da Madeira and Governo Regional da Madeira.

Apply for internship at Unipartner until October 20th! Find out how you can join Requalificar +DIGITAL here:


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