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Do you know what your customers want?

Buyers increasingly demand seamless, omnichannel experiences across their customer journeys. Building relationships through personalized and relevant experiences requires sales and marketing to align not only on their goals and vision, but also on their data. However, many organizations are still using disconnected marketing tools and CRM systems that result in few data-driven insights and low quantity & quality of leads.

Unipartner’s Sales and Marketing Consulting Approach and Solution have sales and marketing applications that are built on one platform. It helps customers create exceptional and personalized buyer experiences, increase revenue, and drive more qualified. Additionally, it allows customers to nurture more demand, build relationships at scale, and make insight-driven decisions across the entire customer journey.

Different organizations face different challenges when connecting marketing and sales processes. Do you review yourself in any of them?

The Approach and Solution designed by Unipartner might be the answer you need to build strong trust-based relationships with the buying committee. They help decrease deal closing times by reducing time spent on data entry and increasing seller productivity and collaboration.

Furthermore, they allow you to personalize buyer experiences across multiple channels to find and nurture more qualified leads, giving you the best chance to convert them into sales.

Sales and marketing operations aligns with common data and connected business process on the same platform. Which will give you a 360-degree view of your customers and their interactions, allowing you to know them better and more in-depth (from “anonymous” to “known customer”). For these many reasons, Unipartner´s Approach and Solution will improve your performance at all levels:

· Marketing - with helpful interaction insights and predictions of customers intents;

· Sales - with insights into areas of strength and needs for improvement

· Day-to-day decision-making with recommended next best actions and easier data entry.

Take a look at the interview of Jornal Económico with Pedro Silva, Manager & Solution Leader at Unipartner (content in Portuguese).

You can read the complete interview, here.

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