Building The Future 2021 is coming!

Building the Future is the Microsoft event where technology, innovation and leadership intersect to empower people and companies. And for the first time, on a 100% digital experience.

Unipartner is proud to announce it will be a Red Sponsor of Building The Future 2021, happening January 26th - 28th! Join great “creators” of the future like: Julia White (Microsoft´s VP at Corporate), Tupac Martin (Director and Producer of Cosmos Within Us), José Neves (CEO at Farfetch), Aubrey de Grey (Biomedical Gerontologist), Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna, and many others!

Don’t miss Unipartner’s sessions:

  • Building the Vision “Transforming Indulgence into Sustainability” January 26th at 2:25 pm, our CEO & President, Fernando Reino da Costa, will share a view to the future, focusing on sustainability from an organizational, economic and social impact angle.

  • Pedro Silva, Solutions Sales Executive at Unipartner, with a session that aims to demonstrate the importance of data as an essential component to gain insights and develop a much richer engagement with clients. The content will be on demand during the first 2 days of the event.

  • Finally, on the week before the event you can watch "The Future is Now" Talk, where Luís Simões, Managing Partner – Commerce & Industry at Unipartner and Gonçalo Oliveira, CIO of Pestana Group will be in an informal conversation to share different perspectives, visions and realities.

More than 20 000 online viewers, +30 live streamings, +200 speakers, +12 interactive experiences, +30 Advisory Board members (BTF + edu day), e +100 disruptive sessions.

Save the date and start building your future now. Let´s activate Portugal together!

More information and full agenda of Building the Future 2021 here: Building the Future 2021

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