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Fernando Reino da Costa in Ntech. News

Ntech .News featured an interview with Fernando Reino da Costa, CEO at Unipartner, winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020 award. Fernando addressed the organization´s great results and Microsoft awards, and explained how remote work has impacted our team and clients.

“Our growth aims to bring great evolution to our competencies centers in Lisbon and Madeira and attract the best talent through universities and technology academies we hold every season”.

The Microsoft awards received throughout the years enhance Unipartner´s performance in delivering innovating solutions to companies most demanding IT challenges. Microsoft recognizes Unipartner´s success in implementing Microsoft technology in clients´ digital transformation, especially through the Teams platform.

An acclaimed project is Regional Government of Madeira´s Teams Adoption and Change Management, for a more integrated and agile collaboration between teams, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, Fernando revealed the numerous workshops Unipartner has been holding to promote topics such as Machine Learning, intelligent agents (bots) and agile application development with Power Platform. These technologies can be found in many of Unipartner´s emblematic projects, like MyMontepio, a digital channel created for Montepio Associates, and Grupo Amorim´s ABBA´s central data hub that allows for a crossing business analysis.

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