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Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020

From the 22nd to the 24th of September 2020, Unipartner participated in the Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020 hybrid event. It focused on the transformation of smart cities, as well as the challenges and opportunities they represent to sustainability and the improvement of citizens´ quality of life.

Fernando Reino da Costa, Unipartner´s CEO and President, took part in the first panel of the 22nd, with João Ricardo Moreira, Head of Corporate at NOS, and Eduardo Antunes, Public Sector Executive Director at Microsoft, to discuss the new era of Urban professionals in the digital economy.

Fernando shared insights about the new mindsets and approaches regarding work in the present changing environment, intercalating new Work from Home models and remote meetings with going back to office workspaces.

Consumers and workers currently show an increasing predisposition and willingness to change life and work habits, which can and must be seized by the Public Sector as an opportunity to redesign their services.

On the one hand, for a group of citizens, whom already live the digital transformation, these services must be redesigned to better support their needs and satisfy their demand. On the other hand, the older sector of population, namely, demands a more personalized remote service that fulfils their limitations. Thus, public services must promote and investor in a digital transformation that offers a more directed and inclusive assistance.

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