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Play n Win, at the Microsoft Building the Future Event, from the Jan 29th to 30th, 2019

Wheel of Fortune 

Official Rules and Regulations 

Prize Wheel by Unipartner IT Services, SA.   

Requirements to spin the Wheel 


To spin the Unipartner IT Services Prize Wheel Game, fill out the required information to start playing – your name, e-mail address, mobile phone and organization name. 


An Unicoin is a virtual coin created by Unipartner to be used by the participants of the event “Building The Future – Ativar Portugal. The Unicoin is what allows the gamer to spin the Wheel at Unipartners’ booth.  

After filling out the form with the information required show the Unicoin that you won at Unipartners’ booth. 


Maximum of 8 Changes to win 


The Wheel can be spun a maximum of 8 times per person during “Building the Future” event.  The participant can find 8 QR codes available throughout the event.  


  1. Read the QR code with your smartphone 

  2. Fill out the form, 

  3. Get the UNICOIN 

  4. Show the Unicoin to the staff at Unipartner’s booth and use it. 

  5. Spin the wheel to win a prize 

  6. Go and find the other Unicoins 

Each QR code will correspond to a Unicoin (that has a QR code to be read at the Booth). Each Unicoin can be used one time per person.  

Location of the QR codes: 

  1. At Unipartners’ booth 

  2. At Cortana Experience – Intelligent Day (room home) at the entrance 

  3. At “Building The Code” – NLP + Bots session 11h45am on the 29th of January 

  4. At “PowerApps lab” session 4pm on the 30th of January  

  5. Linked In Post at Unipartner’s Linked In Page 

  6. On the event APP, at the Unipartner partner information 

  7. There will be several persons at the event with a SweatShirt with the quote attached “Give me a <br/>. Some of then will have a Coin to give. But not all.

  8. A surprise Coin given by Unipartner team at the event


Period Time and Location 

The Wheel of Fortune Game begins on January 29, 2019 and ends on January 31, 2019. Mechanically reproduced entries will not be accepted. Unipartner IT Services assumes no responsibility for lost data, mutilated, late or misdirected entries. 


The Wheel of Fortune Game will take place at “Building The Future – Ativar Portugal” that will take place at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, Lisbon. 


All prizes will be during the game period. Prizes have No Cash Value.  

  • Grand Prize: Power bank  

  • 2nd Prize: Backpack 

  • 3rd Prize: Bottle of water 

  • 4th Prize: Car mobile support  

  • 5th Prize: Pen to write 

  • 6th Prize: Bag-pack 


Eligibility and General Conditions

The contest is intended for all the event participants who correctly fill out the form on the web page (direct link through QR codes available during the game), excluding Unipartner’s employees and competitors. 


Data Collection 

By filling out the forms to win a Unicoin and spin the wheel, the participant authorizes: 

  • The sending of their data and electronic processing by Unipartner IT Services; 

  • The use of their data to receive further information about the Wheel of Fortune Game; 

  • The use of their personal data and image at the time of delivery of the prize for publicity purposes of the sweepstakes; 

  • The use of their data to receive information about marketing campaigns, Unipartner insights, Solutions and Services offers, Job Offers and Events. The sending of subsequent submission of business and marketing information to your business. 

While Prize sponsored by Unipartner IT Services, SA. 

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