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A certified team accelerating a

Delivery Partnership

OutSystems is a low-code platform that offers agile business solutions to a range of industries, from insurance to governments and more. It comprises services such as app deployment, back-end development within cloud services and even UX design through pre-built and personalized open-source connectors that operate on any device. 

As an industry-leading platform, OutSystems treats data according to organizations´ workflow and business roadmap and performs automated actions across all applications. They do so by helping organizations’ teams rise to the technical challenges of today, while supporting and accelerating the powerful ideas for the future.

The Unipartner Outsystems team works on application development and modernization to deliver agile and high-performing solutions that address clients innovation and business evolution needs. From OutSystems consulting services and design, to implementation, integration, data migration, development and managed services, we help clients unlock value from OutSystems platform and make their business smarter.

A certified team of professionals formed of Reactive Developer Associates, Tech Lead Associates, Mobile Developer Specialists, Architecture Specialists and Web Developer Experts that guide project work towards achieving the goals and needs of our customers. 

In 2021, we reinforced our partnership with Outsystems, by becoming a “Delivery Partner”. This recognition was based on certifications, approved business plans and project references with a high CSAT.

Reference cases

Approvals Portal

Workflow and processes

A solution to support and manage collaboration between departments, with parameterization of the processes, exchange of information and approval. It allows the configuration and management of mass information dynamically, improving its distribution by the organizational structure, considering hierarchy, profile function and levels of approval.

Geolocation Platform

Customer service

Geolocation service for stores or commercial agents, considering the location of the user. This search solution can be used by any of the applications available on the Outsystems factory. It uses a geographic proximity filter and Google Maps integration with dynamic markers associated with each store in the network.

Platform Assessment and Upgrade

Other use cases

Applying best practices to assess and upgrade an Outsystems factory from version 10 to version 11 including a scenario for high-availability. The migration strategy ensured client needs, both technically and business processes impacts.

Sales Leads Management Portal


Development of an Integrated Business Leads Management solution. Dynamic handling of each lead in what concerns its distribution and SLAs. Includes a Backoffice Business Interface to support: channel source, lead status, behavior and the solution data model. It provides Lead Mass operations and configurable events with predictive models.

Simulator Platform Portal

Workflow and processes

Product simulator platform for all commercial products, flowing the information internally for approval steps. Based on a central product configuration database, with calculation steps, through different processing phases and to several types of documents and outputs, all of this being delivered to the end client by different communication channels.

If you work with Outsystems solutions or wish to turn your ideas into agile applications, contact us! Our team is ready to support you.

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