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CRM Benefits for Banking

The digital age is changing the way consumers research, shop and buy products and services and how they share their experiences after purchase. With the changes in the financial services landscape, customers are searching for unique experiences tailored to their needs, regardless of the provider.


One of the unique challenges of business banking in a digital world is meeting customer expectations. To remain competitive, banks need to develop a customer-centric approach that incorporates data insights, personnel training, and added product value. A great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can serve as the basis for this transformation. ​

A well-designed CRM solution can help any company to reach new customers, close the deal, and provide excellent customer service. The benefits of CRM in banking is particularly relevant since it helps banks manage customers and better understand their needs in order to provide the right offer, quickly.​

A CRM solution enables the following benefits:


Create exceptional customer experiences through a combination of knowledge management, self-service and multichannel interactions;​


Deliver a unified service experience that can increase efficiency and effectiveness through consistent collection, management and resolution of customer service issues across practically all major channels;​


Streamline collaboration within your organization, listen to the market, and engage with customers and prospects on your own terms with social listening;​​


Enhance marketing efficiencies with advanced capabilities and intelligence to respond rapidly to customers’ needs and desires.​

According to Gartner when it comes to strategic business priorities, digital business is more important for banking (first priority for 26 percent of respondents) than for all industries (17 percent)1

The CRM benefits can be achieved with a CRM solution that supports banking organizations’ sustainable growth and differentiation, through the following key capabilities:


360-degree view of every customer, including profile, interaction history, products owned, and financial needs


Mobile capability with a wide range of options from a mobile browser solution to a native mobile client built specifically for client’s needs


Provide inbuilt Analytic CRM capability or interfaces to best-of-breed Campaign Management solutions


Work together effectively with a single, consistent view of customer, products, and offers across lines of business


Flexible deployment with on-premises, cloud, or hybrid approach, providing options in line with our client’s budget, security model, and long-term infrastructure strategy


Enable efficient collaboration throughout the organization


1. Gartner, In (2018). Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2018. Accessed on September 10th 2018, in:

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