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Sitecore Junior

Role Overview

Being a Junnior Consultant at Unipartner comes with an exciting & challenging role. As a consultant, you will work on billable engagements to design, develop and implement solutions by using standard or new methods, techniques, top IT Tech solutions and Integrate a multidisciplinary team, focusing on Sitecore technology and Web development. Junior Consultants work as trusted advisors, providing guidance on the correct application of a solution or technique that consistently delivers high client value. 

The expected level of technology knowledge includes the ability to choose, identify and describe solutions benefits, including non-technical ones, for each customer reality.

The Challenge


As part of the project, you will integrate a multidisciplinary team, focusing on Sitecore technology and Web development.
Responsibilities will focus on taking a consultative approach and developing on sitecore technology, developing .NET extensions and web development.

Don’t worry, you will not have to do this alone. You will be part of a team with multiple different levels of expertise and skills on Data Center Transformation.

You will grow, and so will we.

We are looking for bright talent with:

  • 1 year of experience

Technical skills:

  • Required Tech Skills:
    - Sitecore
    - .NET
    - Integration (Webservices / WebAPI)
    - ASP.NET (web development overall)

  • Prefered Tech Skills: 
    - Sitecore v10
    - Sitecore JavaScript Rendering SDKs 
    - Sitecore ASP.NET Core Rendering SDK


Soft and other skills:

  • Initiative and Autonomy

  • Learning Agility

  • Teamwork


Required Languages:

  • Fluent in Portuguese.

Take this opportunity

Send us your CV and portfolio!

We have lots of new exciting projects waiting for you!

Join Unipartner by sending us your CV. 

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